Manulife Ottawa

Manulife Ottawa -
Manulife Ottawa trusted the Aire Image team to add life to their offices by having them produce a mural to reflect the company’s excellent brand image. Lighting was even integrated in the mural!

Druide Informatique

Montréal - 09/07/2015
Aire Image is specialized in the production of office signs. For its latest project, Aire image collaborated with Zone C communications to produce a luminescent sign at the Druide Informatique reception office. The mandate also included the production of three signs with the image of their main products ( Antidote, Tap Touche and Elixir Web ) to identify meeting rooms.

MIGS Event

Palais des congrès -
MIGS is the official event of the video game industry. Each year, large players in the industry come together to discuss and demonstrate the latest games, new technologies, consoles, etc. For the occasion, Aire Image had made the design and manufactured the Ubisoft booth. You can see some photos from the event below.

Ubisoft Launch

Ubisoft -
For the Far Cry 2 and Assassin's Creed Revolution video game launch, the Ubisoft Montreal office opened its doors to several special guests. Aire Image was mandated to create video game areas based on each franchise. The event was a success!

Diesel Spec Inc. ExpoCam 2015

Salon Expocam 2015 - 04/16/2015
As the national trucking show # expocam2015 drew closer, Diesel Spec Inc. entrusted Aire Image with the mandate to produce a 50 ' wide by 30' deep kiosk. The deadlines were very tight but the experience and the performance of our team allowed us to deliver everything on time. The objective of the client was to impress visitors and to position itself as a serious player in the field. Here are all the products produced ​​and used for the project:
  • 2 illuminated signs “ service station'' style
  • 1 rear wall 30 ' by 12' high with the locations of all the points of sale
  • 1 side wall 20' by 12'
  • 2 promotional flags
  • 2 carpets with the customer’s logos
  • 1 coroplast with the technical specifications of the truck race
  • 1 TV podium disguised as a gas pump
  • 1 bright 8 foot counter with storage
  • Loaned furniture (chair, sofa, table etc.)


Montreal - 05/01/2014
The unveiling event of the last Galaxy 5 Samsung smart phone has been an exciting project. What a pleasure to work with people of BLVD! Nights and weekends were filled, but pleasantly and without pitfalls. Aire Image produced all the visuals for exterior doors, the sign of the Boul Noir billiard club to the panels on the different floors. The 11 feet tall column poster greeted guests as they entered. The main room, for those who know it, houses 20 pool tables, 2 bars and a VIP lounge. We covered almost all the visible space with vinyl: tables of different forms, counters, masterful columns, 22 TVs; all under the supervision of people from BLVD. We used reflective vinyl to clearly define the contours of the Samsung brand. Decals and transparents were abound on all surfaces. The client extatic ... and so were we! We are pleased to have contributed to the success of this event.

The Hudson Bay

Montreal - 04/02/2014
Christmas 2014, an urgent moment aroused. Shop windows in Downtown Montreal were barely sketched and our client, Visual City of Chicago, contacted us to participate in the making. In less than two weeks, the materials were delivered to Montreal and Toronto and we install them just in time for the Christmas season.

BNP Paribas

Montreal - 02/03/2014
We are mandated to create a welcoming atmosphere in the new US headquarters based in Montreal of the 4th largest bank in the world, BNP Paribas. From window coverings, to the production of a quantity of directional signs, to elevator door dressings, we designed simple yet elegant custom display plaques for their offices. The talent of our industrial designer has once again contributed to further innovate in the deco-signage. Materials such as printed acrylic and laser cut anodized aluminum paired with magnetic fasteners were used in order to achieve the desired goal which was to expose the features of a progressive banking industry.