Our Company

“By participating at the initial stage of the advertising concept, we better understand the needs of our customers and we are able to better advise them on the best methods and materials to use. This way the customer saves time and money and can therefore be more involved in his communication.” 

Aire Image develops solutions for your corporate image.

In 2014 we sought to work closer with our customers because of our expertise in several areas; from the design to the installation of products. Our strength is our turnkey service.

We are a “1 Stop-Shop” in Montreal. From large format printing to extra large formats, displays and exhibition structures, laser cutting to small format printing (brochures, cards, invitations, etc.).

For the past 10 years we have developed an expertise in illuminated, translucent and transparent materials.
This constitutes 18% of our annual production. Our involvement with our clients at the initial stage of the concept of an advertising campaign ensures a clear advantage. It saves time and allows money to be spent at the heart of the striking force in the design and production tandem.

In addition, we offer the only valid warranty in the industry.


Create a harmonious environment where all energies are concentrated on a quality brand image whether printed, projected or broadcast. Produce today’s communication tools with tested technology and stay in tune with the future.



Through communication and active listening we strive to determine the deeper meaning of what is expressed by our customers and partners.


We are committed to our customers in a direct and in-depth way in order to better understand reactions and stimulate social interactions. Having an open mind is important to us in order to better understand and work with the different cultural environments existing and those to come. According to us the inter-generational passage of knowledge is a wealth of resource for the future of our society.

Knowledge Base

We create a database of knowledge with our partners and customers in order to establish leading-edge solutions.

Through training and information gathering we want to explain in simple terms and inform our customers through the use of various existing communications modes. All database on human knowledge available help us design iconic multi-disciplinary themes. A well-developed symbol provides a rapid and effective message.


Our modus operandi is to find effective solutions, sometimes beyond traditional methods, in order to adjust to the most demanding applications, every minute of every hour of every day.


In our evolving production line we consistently optimize the tasks and work processes in order to attain our short, medium and long term goals.

Our priority: concentrate the information in order to simplify the work habits and maximize our team’s knowledge with the use of every tool and existing techniques.

With the virtual participation of specialists and partners worldwide, the mobile collaboration allows us to be more productive and reach our deadlines.


The management of our environment allows us to reuse materials in samples and promotional items, in addition to the paper-who is already recycled, recycle and reuse all sub-products more effectively and reach our 0 waste Goal.



Aire Image has helped us to develop our various ranges of printed products over the years. With his experience, Daniel Desjardins was able to improve our logistics in print production. Since the beginning of Neo-Traffic, Aire Image has offered us personalized and professional service. It is for all these reasons that we have made it our exclusive supplier of production of translucent and transparent display, fixed and mobile materials.

Ronald Tapiéro
President , CEO – Neo-Traffic – Neo-Traffic


JI have worked with the Aire Image team since the early days of the agency. What I appreciate above all is their capacity to find solutions to all challenges presented. We have overcome many challenges with them! Our customers are demanding and I am proud to be able to count on such a partner since 2009 .

Michèle Bertrand
President – Agence BLVD


During my many years of experience I have not found in the current market a print shop and installation service offering better service and better quality than Aire Image. Since 2008, I found that the Aire Image guarantee is exactly as it is described in their advertising.

Hugues Dufossé
Director of Communications – Mansfield Athletic Club


The trademark is that of availability, courtesy and professionalism. Over the years, I have always been able to count on high quality service and products.

Geneviève Delisle-Truchon
Director of Communications – Iris, le Groupe Visuel