We believe that every good print production studio has the obligation to integrate premier services along with the turnkey realizations promised.


As a senior consultant, our participation in our customers’ production meetings include looking at the environment for the implemention of the identity strategy or event. All key actors necessary for the production and the installation are present.

Due to our experience, these encounters allow us to immediately target the material needs necessary for the production of every part of a project submitted. All measurements specify the quantity of materials involved and allow us to establish a schematic diagram of the scene. We then provide concept models and an estimate.


From the schematic diagrams our graphic artists prepare and receive the parts to be produced. We offer artistic design services and senior graphic design services for businesses who may need it.

After online approval and final materials determined, according to the needs, we produce the ready to print materials.

03.3D Model

A 3D rendering of your experience at Aire Image allows one to see the project and make any changes in real time! Saves one Time and Money!
At this moment, this service is only available for the realization of exhibition stands in an immersive environment.

Ce service est réservé pour le moment à la réalisation de kiosques d’exposition en environnement immersif.

04.Production warranty

Over the years, we have developed a specialty in translucent and transparent materials. What very few printers really know about. Our scientific knowledge goes as far as knowing optical physics. Of all the 43 kinds of adhesives that we print and install, we can demonstrate their chemical and physical properties on the various surfaces. The Ai. guarantee, the only valid one in the industry, guarantees that the products and services are to your total satisfaction.

05.AI Cloud

We offer free space for all your documents on our AI-Cloud servers. All communication with your staff involved in a particular project is available in real time for any intervention. To protect your precious documents, they are automatically cleaned of viruses and encrypted using the most effective existing standards. You then have a secured AI-Cloud area dedicated to your business and also to each project. This service is free for all annual contracts.

06.Packing and delivery

We certainly offer delivery service. Moreover: the identification and packaging. Since we perform distribution campaigns throughout the country, costs related to delivery are excellent for our customers. The packaging is a priority. We are so confident that your products are treated with distinction that we guarantee that the products remain intact during delivery each time. We have several letters from satisfied customers to support that.


All production facilities use external installer services; Aire Image does too. However, we select them as we do for all stakeholders in a project. They must express themselves well and their presentation must be impeccable. They must also remain invisible, effective and professional as any good technical support should. Their experience is specialized in the field in which they operate.

We have been doing installations from Vancouver to Nova Scotia for almost 8 years with the help of dedicated people working for leading brands for an array of industries, shops and events. Many of our major customers are printers themselves. They ask us for installation and printing & installation services on a regular basis.